The power of a recipe is that an amateur cook, who carefully follows every step, can produce a result 95%+ as great as a master chef.

The amateur benefits from the master’s years of training, mistakes, and successes, all of which are reflected in the published recipe.

Following the recipe ultimately accelerates the amateur’s attainment of the goal of a result that’s uniquely perfect, meeting the amateur’s needs and wants.

There’s also a proven recipe for building wealth, one that’s been tested and continually refined by A First Generation Millionaire.

It’s a natural tendency, driven by ego, to do things our own way.

But imagine going on a trip and not using the roads that have been built by others who came before us.

Carving our own path may sound adventurous, but it could add months to our journey, or worse, might deny us of our destination all together.

Savvy wealth accumulators are open to learning from others, and they place financial results ahead of the desire to be right or do it their own way.

One key lesson I learned on my Millionaire Journey is that ego and money repel each other like oil and water.

My ego got in the way of admitting to myself that an investment I bought was a dog and wouldn’t recover.

It prevented me from more quickly embracing the lessons — the wealth recipes — I learned from others.

For a while it blinded me to many of my repeated mistakes. But I eventually realized that I couldn’t put ego in the bank, or reach my financial goals with it.

In fact, ego often stood in the way of my brighter financial future.

Ultimately,  I wanted to become wealthy more than I cared to hold on to ego.

Successfully building lasting wealth depends on doing the right things at right time, while avoiding costly, painful mistakes.

Being open to learning from yours and others’ mistakes is one of the most valuable resources for improving your results.

Let someone else make the mistakes instead of you. Learn from their cause and effect without having to bear the pain and setbacks they did.

Don’t let ego get in the way of unlocking the benefit of these powerful lessons.

Learn from my mistakes. Ego delayed me in reaching my Financial Independence Day by years. I thought I knew better than those who succeeded before me. Don’t let that happen to you.

Smart wealth accumulators learn from others’ successes and failures, even if it means initially setting aside what they think is the best way.

Another key lesson I learned is that following the steps provided by someone who has successfully done what I desire to achieve is one of the most valuable ways to more quickly produce the outcome I desire.

It’s true for cooking, home improvement, car repair, and practically every other pursuit that involves significant trial and error, including and especially building wealth.

What I found is that applying already proven steps can launch me in the right direction and give me the momentum to find my own path.

Then, once underway, I can evolve the proven recipe to my own ‘taste’.

With any recipe, after launching off the strong springboard it provides, there’s always room to leverage your creativity through refinement and customization, and thereby make it uniquely yours.

A recipe gives you the chance to start at the 95% level, so you can focus your efforts on the final 5%. And that’s where the real magic happens.

The final 5% is where you can make the important refinements that take your recipe for building wealth from good to great.

After all, we at Millionaire Foundry believe that the optimal approach to getting rich is as unique as your DNA.

One-size-fits-all is nearly always doomed to fail because it prevents you from building Your Wealth Success Plan that you can stick with over the long haul.

One-size-fits-all also gets in the way of allowing you to unlock unique skills, and step around possible weaknesses.

Commit to starting with a proven recipe for building wealth to launch yourself in the right direction and get to the 95% level. Then use your experience to refine that recipe to your ‘taste’ to reach 100% and beyond!

The essence of the wealth recipe I discovered on my wealth journey is captured in the four wealth drivers, which represent the key wealth recipe ingredients.

It’s a foundational recipe that will launch you in the right direction. The additional secrets we reveal will help you with the ‘how much’ and ‘when’ of each of the four drivers.

Then you can refine this wealth recipe to take it the final 5%, making it perfect to serve your unique needs.

At Millionaire Foundry we are committed to sharing the secrets of a wealth recipe that was proven out by A First Generation Millionaire.

Start your brighter financial future today by learning key tips and strategies from someone who’s already done it.

Wealth is Freedom!

A First Generation Millionaire


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