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We’re glad you’re here. While we haven’t met, it’s a safe guess that you’re someone who’s in the small and elite group that’s serious about wealth accumulation.

Maybe you’ve arrived here on your quest to discover the secrets to reaching the wealth targets you deserve.

Or perhaps you’re already wealthy, and want to be sure you’re not missing out on any additional strategies that can take you to the next level in your wealth accumulation journey.

Either way, chances are you’ve already read hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of ‘how to get rich’ financial articles. If so, that’s great, many of these quick-read articles can be excellent reminders to ensure you’re doing the right things, or that you didn’t miss an extra financial tactic that might help.

The only drawback for serious wealth accumulators is that many of these articles just scratch the surface or repeat what most savvy wealth accumulators, like you, already have mastered.

After awhile, you get diminishing benefit from reading the top tip articles because there’s a decreasing amount of new information that can help you grow your wealth.

If you’re looking for more insights on how to get rich by building lasting wealth, Millionaire Foundry may just be the right place for you!

With So Much Financial Information Already Out There,

Why Millionaire Foundry?

At Millionaire Foundry we go deeper. Our articles are typically longer and go well beneath just the surface.

We believe you’re serious about building wealth, and that you want to hear from someone who’s accomplished what you’re working to achieve.

In planning for life’s major financial goals and milestones, like reaching financial freedom or a well-funded retirement, there are no do-overs.

Time can either be your financial ally or your enemy.

If you’re not on track to reach the brighter money future you deserve, it’s critical you take immediate action to course correct.

If you are on track, congratulations, you’re in an elite group who has either achieved their goals or is well on their way. And it’s likely you’re always looking for additional insight on how you may do even better.

The value of hearing from someone who has reached the goal you desire is that they understand the reality of what the challenging path to success looks and feels like.

What to do.

What to avoid.

How much of something is the right amount.

The best time to do it.

The obstacles you’ll likely experience along your wealth accumulation journey.

How you might break free of those barriers, so that you can reach your brighter financial future.

These insights may be missing from the top tips articles. There’s often nothing wrong with their advice, it’s just that the author may not have actually reached their financial goals (yet), or they may be a professional author, not a deeply passionate wealth accumulator like you.

The other major piece that’s missing from many how to  get rich articles is that they don’t acknowledge that there are several drivers to successful wealth accumulation.

They may focus on only one facet, not realizing the danger that you can succeed in one aspect, but fail in another, undermining all your efforts and denying you the brighter financial future you deserve.

At Millionaire Foundry, we believe there are four mandatory drivers of wealth.

If even just one driver is ignored or weak, your success may be delayed, the amount of your eventual wealth reduced, or you may miss out on financial freedom altogether.

Building lasting wealth is simple, it’s just not easy.

Articles offering easy solutions rarely provide the deep insight you need and deserve. There are no do-overs. Make sure you seek the answers that are right for you.

Our Recent Articles Are An Example of the Insights

You Can Look Forward to at Millionaire Foundry

Our articles will help you see your wealth journey in new ways.

Perhaps you’ll gain key insights that will help you accelerate reaching your financial goals, overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, or refine your financial plan to set bigger goals than you thought possible.

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 My Millionaire’s Story

My name is Mike and I’m A First Generation Millionaire. I started as that part of the middle class that struggles for basic financial survival.

My grandfathers, dad, most relatives, and many neighbors worked in the factories and foundries that gave our country its industrial might.

As a kid, I toured a steel foundry that left a lifelong impression. It was a place where the environment was difficult and intense, but the outcome was remarkable.

There was a reliable process to transform grimy raw materials into gleaming metal. It was simple, just not easy.

I found that the conditions in a foundry were metaphorically the same as building wealth. Difficult and intense, but worth it because of the remarkable outcome.

And similarly, there is reliable process to create wealth that’s simple, but not easy.

Thus the name Millionaire Foundry is fitting for a resource dedicated to telling The Truth About How to Become a Millionaire, and sharing a process that worked for me.

I grew up in a 1,000 square foot house that my loving parents valiantly fought to hold on to during our financial ups and downs, including two lengthy stretches of unemployment.

My incredible parents taught me how to carefully manage money regardless of how little you have; how to live on less; how to avoid the dangers of debt; how to make things last as long as possible; how to budget; and how to bounce back from extraordinarily difficult financial circumstances.

To say they were a shining beacon of financial responsibility would be a tremendous understatement. To say they gave me, in great abundance, the non-financial things in life that really matter, would be the overwhelming truth.

But having experienced tough financial times as a child, I resolved to figure out how to get rich, at least to the point I would feel the exhilaration of financial security.

For me that meant having at least $1,000,000 in liquid, investible cash.

When I started my journey to reach what felt to be an impossible financial goal, I had no mentors, knew no one who actually reached a million, and had no idea of the challenges I would need to overcome.

All I knew is that I wanted it badly, and was willing to work as hard as I needed to become A First Generation Millionaire.

I hit my first million in liquid cash at age 43, with just a day job. I didn’t invent a product, start a business, become a landlord, flip houses, rise to CEO, or win the Lotto. 

If you’re an aspiring millionaire with a career, who’s looking for the truth about building wealth, I can relate.

I’ve been in your shoes and struggled intensely to find the right answers.

While I was trying to figure out how to become rich, I was using my evenings to become the first in my family to earn a college degree, as well as attempting to run a full-time daytime career in order to finance my tuition.

My wealth knowledge was further expanded when I dedicated over a decade of my career to the coupon industry, helping businesses increase revenue, while saving consumers money.

Understanding the immense power of controlling expenses in building wealth, it was highly rewarding to help people live a better life AND save money. My career experiences helped accelerate my wealth accumulation in many ways.

I made many epic mistakes along the path of my millionaire’s journey, but still got to my goal because I did a few key things right.

Within those things I did that worked lie many of the pivotal secrets to building wealth that I discovered.

I created Millionaire Foundry as a place where, over time, I’ll candidly share those secrets I learned along the path to my first million and beyond.

What to do.

Maybe even more importantly, what to avoid.

Some things I learned on my own, from trial and error. Others I picked up from the extensive reading and research I performed in my quest to unlock the code to wealth.

I also discovered key ‘wealth hacks’ from my corporate career. Many companies know how to manage their money very well, and I leveraged those lessons in learning how to become rich.

My objective is for you to get to your financial goals more quickly than me, and with less pain from fewer mistakes.

Yes, I can confirm that whoever said “the first million is the hardest” spoke the truest words ever uttered. But it is doable, even starting from deeply modest circumstances.

The right plan and a lot of perseverance will greatly increase your chance of gaining financial peace of mind, whether the magic number for you is much less or much greater than one million.

Enough about me. Millionaire Foundry is really about YOU. And the brighter financial future that you deserve!


The First Few Wealth Secrets

Here’s the first secret. Building wealth is simple, but it’s just not easy.

I realize this seems obvious. Maybe even trivial.

But some money experts take the position that it’s highly complex to become wealthy. This can cause aspiring wealth accumulators to grow discouraged, and think reaching financial freedom isn’t possible today. So they give up.

Other experts say building wealth can be fast and easy if you do this or that.

This can be a painful disservice because, in the majority of cases, building lasting wealth is not easy.

Setting an unrealistic expectation means some will grow discouraged when they start their wealth journey in earnest, only to encounter difficulties along they way.

They then give up, thinking they did something wrong. Most of the time they didn’t.

They needed to understand, up front, that most wealth journeys are challenging, reaching a big financial goal takes many years or even decades, and that significant sacrifice is required along the way.

So if you’re looking for ‘fast and easy’, I guarantee Millionaire Foundry is NOT the place for you.

You won’t find what you’re looking for.

Don’t waste your time here.

Google ‘Get Rich Quick’ and there’ll be plenty of more suitable sites to pick from.

Are you still with us? Excellent, this proves you’re in a small and truly elite group that is serious AND realistic about accumulating lasting wealth!

The primary secrets of A First Generation Millionaire start with the 4 Wealth Drivers: Lower Your Burn Rate, Maximize the Value of You, Build Your Wealth Generating Machine, and Your Wealth Success Plan.

Be sure to check out each, and their incredible importance in working together to build the lasting wealth that you deserve.

Next, invest the time to read every one of our Must Read articles.

Each will discuss one or more of the 4 Wealth Drivers, how you might apply them, and what to look out for. There’s a lot there, so read 2-3 a day.

Finally, be sure to Sign Up to receive, for free, every new article the minute it’s published.

Wait a moment too long and you may end up saving less, spending more, or generating less income than you may have otherwise.

Your wealth journey is simply too important to not consider insights from someone who’s actually done it.

You might find the answer to overcome an obstacle you face.

Or you might gain encouragement from knowing that prior mistakes can be the richest source of learning.

The articles are free, so what do you have to lose? Sign Up now!

Remember, when it comes to working towards long-term goals like financial freedom and retirement, there are no do-overs. Once time has passed, its gone forever.

Oh, and one more thing. Be sure to check out our Terms of Service. We believe in complete honesty and disclosure, starting with the reality that our site is for educational purposes only.

We are not offering you financial advice.

After all, we don’t know your specific situation, and one of our guiding principles is that the right financial approach and plan for you is as unique as your DNA.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits all solutions. They rarely work in clothing, and they never work in personal finance.

What we do offer are thought-starters that may help you think in new ways about your quest of how to become rich. And perhaps your journey will be faster, with fewer painful mistakes.

We hope to see you around here every week.

Wealth is Freedom!

A First Generation Millionaire


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